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Mary Walker Tower

Chattanooga Housing Authority

  • Project Location: 2501 S Market Street, Chattanooga, TN
  • Project Type: Renovation
  • Project Completion: 2010
  • Square Footage: 100,000

Mary Walker Tower is a low income senior living 10 story building with 100 tenant apartments. This building was in need of a major renovation.  The project started late 2009 and was completed early 2011.  The resident apartments received new finishes, appliances, custom cabinetry, and bathroom remodels with ADA compliant upgrades. MEP’s were updated throughout the building along with the removal of all asbestos.  The common area that included a kitchen and administrative offices received a complete makeover as well as a new roof.  All windows, doors, and storefronts were replaced throughout the entire building to assist in energy conservation. The exterior of the building had all canopies replaced with new landscaping.  Due to the nature of this building, it was occupied by residents during construction.

On June 13, 2011, Mary Walker Tower became the first public housing residence in Chattanooga to enjoy a green rooftop.  A grant from Greenspaces allowed the building to be equipped with a Live Tray system.  Greenspaces initiative promotes environmentally- friendly construction and provides funding to help commercial builders construct sustainable buildings. The 2,200 SF green roof will feature nearly 100 trays of full-grown vegetated sedum that will sit atop a water-resistant membrane covering that spans the entire roof.  The sedum blooms in the spring and summer, and will remain green in the cooler months.  A timed irrigation system will help provide nourishment for the greenery.