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P&C University is our way of giving back to the community and the construction industry at large. The average age of a construction professional is mid to late 50s, so a large portion of the workforce is aging into retirement. Through P&C University, we’re equipping high school students with the skills, knowledge base, and experience needed for successful careers in the construction industry. No four-year degree required.

Our experienced team doubles as mentors to teach and train students on the ins and outs of construction. We are working to expand the program, and are currently offering construction classes in Jackson County high schools and offering an apprenticeship program through Northeast Alabama Community College.

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As the Director of Career and Technical Education at the Earnest Pruett Center of Technology it has been a privilege to work with P&C in developing learning opportunities for high school students in Jackson County. They have been instrumental in helping me develop hands-on projects for our students and are committed to our goal of improving and sustaining a workforce in our area. P&C is an outstanding industry partner and I am very thankful for their support of our educational program.

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